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Have you ever been in a situation where you've seen a leader take a specific action, yet you had no idea as to “why” or “how” the leader decided to take that specific action? Well, I have too! That’s why I decided to study various leaders that I have worked with over 22 years and before long, I started to get insights into why leaders do what they do. More importantly, I started to understand that a leader's intent is much deeper than the specific action he takes.

A leader’s action is normally tied to an outcome or result that she wants to accomplish, yet it may not make sense when viewing it from a “present” moment perspective. This is why most people stand around and scratch their heads, while watching leaders execute, yet, not fully understanding “why” the leader is doing what she is doing.

I wanted to understand “why,” so this website is dedicated to sharing and discussing over 100 Leadership Insights that I have experienced in my career and that I intend to share with other leaders.

I set out to discover as many leadership insights as possible so, why "100?" Simply put, "100" is a nice even number to deal with. This website is titled, “100 Leadership Insights,” but I am sure that there are many more than that; in fact, there may be 1000s of leadership insights out there waiting to be discovered.

Ultimately, this site is about sharing and discussing leadership insights; thereby making us all better leaders. On a weekly basis, I will be adding new insights. I encourage you to share your insights, feedback, and thoughts as well. If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to sign up for the free weekly insight that will be delivered to your email.

“Getting insight is like going on a treasure hunt - searching for nuggets of wisdom."

Vernon Myers

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I make it a practice to OBSERVE other leaders in action because I desire to learn what they do and how they do it…and even more importantly, “why” they do, "what" they do.

Out of my observation, I have learned that by REFLECTING or thinking about what leaders do and narrowing it down to specific actions and/or behaviors, inevitably there is a moment when a flash of INSIGHT, an “aha” moment comes, which reveals what happened and how the leader was able to influence the outcome of a situation, motivate someone to action, or persuade someone to do something that they did not think they were capable of.

The key for us as leaders is to study these insights and then to determine how to take ACTION to implement or to add the insights to our leadership tool bag for future use.

"A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience."

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

What leadership insights have you identified and successfully applied to your leadership style? Share your stories and experiences.

As I developed this idea, I thought this would be even more interesting if I enabled feedback, interaction, and discussion about the insights from practicing leaders.

I believe that we all can benefit from sharing and discussing leadership insights because the practical insights laid out here can help a leader respond to a current situation or to think through a future challenge or problem.

I have organized the leadership insights around broad areas that concern leaders and within each area I will be discussing a leadership insight applicable to that area. The areas are:

- communication
- action-orientation
- goalsetting
- setting priorities
- taking care of people
- crisis management
- time management
- dealing with change
- risk management
- decision-making
- self-improvement/continuous learning
- strategy/setting direction
- influencing others
- innovation/creativity
- overcoming the fear of failure
- getting results
- perspective/world-view
- problem-solving
- strive for excellence
- team work
- values